About Our Group

Josh Heyboer, Realtor

Maybe you are a lot like me.

I grew up here in Grand Rapids; Wyoming to be more specific where I went to tot-lot, grade school, and High School. I graduated from Grand Valley State where I met my wife. My daughter and son were both born here at Spectrum Health, although I still refer to it as Butterworth Hospital. I have an invested interest in this community we call home, because I live, work, and play here. I truly love Grand Rapids. There is a quality of life here that I believe is hard to find anywhere else. Its about the people, the location, and the values that make a city what it is. I have often said that what I enjoy most about Grand Rapids is that I can find a cow within 10 minutes of the city, while enjoying the vibrancy that city life has to offer. I think that is very important!

My career in Real Estate began in 2004. I had decided to make a career in a field I was passionate about. I have wanted to be in real estate for as long as I can remember. By the time I entered the profession as a full time agent I owned my home, some vacant land, and 2 rental properties. I was, and am, excited about the possibilities within this field and I wanted to share that with others. I love buildings and architecture, planning and development, and the environment created in which they exist. In addition I love working with people to find them the house or investment that best fits their passion and needs. I have had many jobs prior to becoming a Real Estate Agent, but none as rewarding as finding a client, a friend, a house to call home!

Maybe you are a lot like me. In my life time I have moved no less than 6 times, and I am ready to move again. Are you? The average person moves every 5-7 years and no more than 50 miles from their birth place, not because we like to pack up our things, but because our lifestyles change. Our homes allow us to adapt to those changes. I am dedicated to my profession and I know how important real estate is to you and your family as it grows and shrinks over time. Through an honest and dedicated commitment, I will make that transition an easy one for you.

Are you ready for a change?

Holly Rapin, Assistant

I am a teacher by trade, but have recently joined the Josh Heyboer Group at Keller Williams because I believe in Josh’s talents and continued success.  I hold two college degrees and have spent time working in the real estate field.  My husband and I have bought and sold several properties with his assistance and benefited greatly from his expertise.  I look forward to working with Josh and his clients in the months ahead!